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What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity insurance is a specialised type of health insurance meticulously crafted to shield expecting mothers from the financial burden of pregnancy and childbirth expenses. It encompasses a wide array of medical services, from prenatal check-ups and ultrasound scans to delivery charges and postnatal care, ensuring comprehensive coverage for both mother and baby. This form of insurance not only offers financial security but also peace of mind, allowing families to focus on the joy of welcoming a new life into their world, free from the stress of unexpected medical costs.

Standalone Plans

Standalone maternity insurance plans offer dedicated coverage for pregnancy-related expenses, ensuring direct and focused financial support during this crucial period.

Whole Life Plan

Maternity coverage bundled with whole life insurance plans not only secures your pregnancy needs but also provides lifelong protection and financial stability for your family's future.

Investment-Linked Plan

This combines the reassurance of pregnancy-related financial support with the opportunity for long-term investment growth, aligning your family's immediate health needs with future financial goals.

Pros of Maternity Insurance


Comprehensive Coverage

These plans typically cover a wide spectrum of pregnancy-related medical services, from prenatal checkups and screenings to delivery costs and postnatal care, ensuring both mother and baby have access to necessary healthcare without undue financial stress.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that potential medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth are covered can provide immense peace of mind to expectant parents, allowing them to focus on the health and well-being of the mother and child rather than worrying about financial implications.


Managed Medical Costs

Maternity plans act as a financial buffer against the high costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth, including unforeseen complications, which can lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses without insurance coverage.

Cons of Maternity Insurance


Cost vs.

The premiums for maternity insurance can be relatively high, and when compared to the actual out-of-pocket expenses for pregnancy and childbirth, some may find the cost of the insurance outweighs the benefits, especially if they experience a straightforward pregnancy with minimal complications.


Coverage Limitations

Maternity plans often come with specific exclusions and limitations, such as caps on certain types of expenses, exclusions for pre-existing conditions, or limited coverage for complications. These limitations can affect the overall utility and effectiveness of the insurance, leaving some costs to be covered out-of-pocket.

Who should get maternity insurance?

The Planner

Individuals who meticulously plan their life events, including family expansion, will appreciate the foresight and security that maternity insurance provides. For planners, the ability to anticipate and manage potential pregnancy and childbirth costs aligns perfectly with their approach to life, ensuring they’re well-prepared for the financial aspects of welcoming a new family member.

The Risk Averter

Those who prefer to mitigate risks and avoid unexpected financial burdens will find maternity insurance a vital tool in their financial safety net. This personality type values the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have coverage for a range of pregnancy-related medical services, protecting them against the high costs of potential complications or unforeseen events.

The Financial Protector

Individuals who are keen on safeguarding their family’s financial stability, especially in the face of significant life changes like the arrival of a child, will see maternity insurance as a strategic investment. By covering the substantial costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth, they ensure that their family’s savings and financial plans remain intact, preserving their long-term financial health and security.

Best Maternity Insurance Plans in Singapore


NTUC Income Maternity 360

The NTUC Income Maternity 360 plan is highlighted for its extensive coverage for both expectant mothers and their newborns, encompassing a range of benefits including pregnancy complications, congenital illnesses, and hospital care. It's designed to provide a comprehensive safety net over a 3-year period, ensuring peace of mind for parents navigating the early stages of parenthood. Notably, the plan allows for simplified insurance applications for the child post-birth, making it a notable option for families seeking robust protection.

Manulife ReadyMummy

The Manulife ReadyMummy plan provides a 3-year coverage for pregnant women and their babies, starting from as early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy. It offers comprehensive protection against 14 different pregnancy complications, provides a psychotherapy treatment benefit, and covers both the mother and child for death and congenital illnesses. Additionally, it offers hospital cash benefits for both mother and child and includes coverage for IVF or ICI procedures. This plan stands out for its wide range of coverage options and the flexibility to purchase additional plans for the child without medical underwriting.

Singlife Maternity Care

The Singlife Maternity Care plan stands out in the maternity insurance space for offering extensive protection for both expectant mothers and their newborns over a 3-year term. It covers pregnancy complications, the insured mother's death, congenital illnesses in the newborn, and includes hospital care coverage. Unique features include coverage for phototherapy for severe neonatal jaundice and a streamlined process for acquiring a new insurance policy for the newborn. It's highlighted as cost-effective, offering great value, especially for IVF and assisted pregnancies without premium loading.
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Prudential PRUMum

The Prudential PRUMum plan is celebrated for offering comprehensive protection tailored specifically for expectant mothers and their newborns, covering both physical and emotional well-being with benefits for pregnancy complications, hospital care, and postpartum depression. It stands out for its dual-focus, ensuring both mother and child receive essential care, including coverage for congenital illnesses and hospitalisation. A highlight is the privilege for insured children to enroll in PRUShield plans without medical underwriting, securing a lifelong insurance journey from an early stage, underscoring its position among the top maternity insurance options in Singapore.
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Great Eastern GREAT Maternity Care

The GREAT Maternity Care plan is a 3-year maternity plan providing comprehensive coverage for expecting mothers from the 13th to 36th weeks of pregnancy. It includes benefits for death or total and permanent disability (TPD) of the mother, pregnancy and childbirth complications, hospital care, and psychological consultations. For the insured child, it covers death, congenital illnesses, juvenile conditions, and major organ surgery benefits, with guaranteed lifetime coverage options available under certain conditions. This plan emphasises on supporting both mother and child through various stages of pregnancy and early childhood, incorporating features that ensure broad protective measures.

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Is it necessary to have maternity insurance?

Having maternity insurance is not strictly necessary, but it offers significant benefits, providing financial protection and peace of mind during pregnancy and childbirth. It covers various pregnancy-related expenses, ensuring mothers can focus on their health and the baby’s well-being without worrying about potential medical costs. For many, the advantages of having such coverage outweigh the costs, making it a valuable consideration for expectant families.

How much is maternity insurance in Singapore?

The cost of maternity insurance in Singapore varies widely depending on the insurance provider, plan specifics, and coverage levels. Typically, premiums can be about a few hundred dollars as a one-time payment, covering the pregnancy term and extending to early childhood years for the newborn. The exact amount depends on various factors, including the plan’s benefits, coverage limits, and any additional riders. It’s essential to compare different plans and consider both the coverage offered and the associated costs to find the option that best suits your needs and budget.

When should I get pregnancy insurance?

Expectant mothers are generally eligible to purchase maternity insurance plans starting from the 13th week of pregnancy up to a month post-childbirth. This timeframe allows for a broad window of opportunity to secure coverage, ensuring protection during the later stages of pregnancy and after the baby’s arrival. It’s crucial to adhere to this period for coverage to be effective, covering a range of pregnancy-related and postnatal expenses for both mother and child.

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