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What is an Endowment Savings Plan?

An endowment plan is not just a financial tool; it’s a bridge to your dreams, a safeguard for your loved ones, and a testament to your foresight. Imagine a plan that combines the dual benefits of savings and insurance, meticulously designed to meet your long-term financial goals, be it your child’s education, a dream home, or a serene retirement. As the years unfurl, your disciplined savings bloom into a guaranteed lump sum, while the insurance cover ensures peace of mind, protecting your family against life’s uncertainties. 

Pros of Endowment Plans


Forced Savings Mechanism

Endowment plans enforces a habit of regular savings by requiring periodic premium payments, creating a disciplined approach to financial planning. This mechanism ensures that you steadily build a financial reserve, making it easier to achieve long-term objectives like funding education or retirement.


Comprehensive Financial Solution

By merging the benefits of savings and life insurance, endowment plans provide a holistic financial solution. You not only accumulate a lump sum over the plan's term but also secure your family's financial future against unforeseen circumstances with a protective insurance cover.


Capital Growth

Endowment plans are structured to offer a blend of insurance and investment, where a portion of your premiums is invested, aiming for capital growth over the policy term. This strategy allows your savings to potentially increase in value, offering a higher return at the plan's maturity compared to traditional savings methods.

Cons of Endowment Plans


Limited Liquidity

Endowment plans are designed for long-term savings and hence offer limited liquidity. Early withdrawal is often penalised with charges, reducing the final payout and making it less suitable for individuals who may require access to their funds in the short term.


Long-Term Commitment

These plans demand a long-term financial commitment, with premium payments stretching over several years, which might not be ideal for those seeking flexibility or who may face financial uncertainties in the future.


Lower Returns

Endowment plans often yield lower returns compared to direct investments in equities or mutual funds due to their conservative investment approach and the insurance component's costs.

Who should get endowment savings plans?

The Long-term Planner

Individuals who excel in long-term financial planning and are looking for a disciplined savings tool will find endowment plans to be a perfect match. This personality type values the structured approach to achieving significant future financial goals, such as funding education or securing a comfortable retirement.

The Risk-Averse Investor

Those who prefer stability and predictability over high-risk investments will appreciate the dual benefits of insurance protection and savings offered by endowment plans. This type of investor prioritises the safety of their capital and is satisfied with steady, though potentially lower, returns.

The Family Protector

Individuals who prioritise the financial security and well-being of their family above all else are ideal candidates for endowment plans. This personality type seeks comprehensive solutions that not only provide a lump sum at maturity but also ensure that their loved ones are protected financially in case of unforeseen events

Best Endowment Savings Plans in Singapore


AIA Smart Wealth Builder (II)

The AIA Smart Wealth Builder (II) is lauded for its potential to yield higher returns through a participating fund, promising a blend of guaranteed cash value and non-guaranteed bonuses. It stands out for offering robust protection against death, total and permanent disability, and terminal illness, ensuring financial security for policyholders' loved ones. Moreover, the plan's flexibility in premium payment terms caters to various financial capabilities, bolstering financial stability while also facilitating legacy planning through the secondary insured option.

NTUC Income Gro Saver Flex Pro

The NTUC Income Gro Saver Flex Pro highlights its flexibility in premium payment and policy terms, making it a versatile option for various financial goals. Key strengths include guaranteed insurability options allowing policy upgrades during significant life events without medical evidence, and the Savings Protector Pro rider, which offers premium waivers for total permanent disability and retrenchment benefits. It's fund performance is also pretty solid, outshining most competitors, suggesting a balance between stability and potential returns.

Manulife ReadyBuilder (II)

The Manulife ReadyBuilder (II) is praised for its versatility and comprehensive coverage, catering well to long-term financial planning and legacy aspirations. It offers unique benefits like flexibility in premium payments, the ability to withdraw cash value for life goals, and special features including retrenchment benefits and options for changing the insured party. Manulife also boasts the best performing participating fund amongst insurers in Singapore, making this policy even more attractive.

Singlife Choice Saver

The Singlife Choice Saver has a unique position as an endowment plan designed for individuals prioritising capital preservation and accumulation with added flexibility. Its key strengths include a capital guarantee upon policy maturity, customisable premium and policy terms for tailored financial planning, comprehensive protection benefits, and the potential for bonus accumulation, enhancing the value of the plan over time.
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Prudential PRUWealth Plus (SGD)

The PRUWealth Plus (SGD) is designed for wealth accumulation until the age of 130, with flexibility in premium payment terms. It provides financial protection against death or total disability and offers a capital guarantee after a certain period, enhancing its appeal for long-term savings and legacy planning.
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Great Eastern GREAT Wealth Multiplier III

The Great Wealth Multiplier 3 is aimed at wealth accumulation and insurance protection. Offering flexibility in premium payments and policy terms, this plan promises returns up to 8 times the premiums paid, with capital guaranteed from as early as the 15th policy year. It supports long-term financial goals like home purchase or education, with considerations for legacy planning.

Tiq 3-Year Endowment Plan

The Tiq 3-Year Endowment Plan offers a straightforward endowment plan designed for short-term savings, providing a lump sum at maturity with a policy term of 3 years. It guarantees 101% of the single premium back upon the insured's death during the term or a specified maturity benefit if the insured survives, without requiring health declarations or medical checks for policy issuance.

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Why should I get an endowment plan?

Getting an endowment plan can be a strategic move for those seeking a financial product that combines savings with life insurance coverage. It is designed to meet long-term financial goals such as funding a child’s education, preparing for retirement, or accumulating wealth, by offering a guaranteed payout upon maturity, while also providing a safety net in case of unforeseen circumstances. This dual benefit ensures both growth of your savings and peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected.

What should you look out for when buying an endowment plan?

When buying an endowment plan, you should pay attention to the plan’s term length and ensure it aligns with your financial goals. Examine the guaranteed versus projected returns to understand the potential growth of your investment. Also, consider the plan’s flexibility regarding premium payments and withdrawals, as this can impact your financial planning. Lastly, assess the insurance coverage to ensure it provides adequate protection for your needs. It’s crucial to balance these factors to choose a plan that meets your long-term financial and security objectives.

Are endowment plans capital guaranteed?

Not all endowment plans are capital guaranteed. The capital guarantee depends on the specific policy’s terms and conditions. Some plans offer a guarantee on the principal amount invested upon maturity or after a certain period, while others might involve investment risks where the return and the principal amount are not guaranteed. It’s important to carefully review the plan details or consult with the insurer to understand whether a particular endowment plan offers capital guarantees.

What is a participating fund?

A participating fund in insurance and annuity plans pools premiums from policyholders to invest in various assets, aiming to balance growth with capital preservation. It uniquely offers policyholders a share in the profits through bonuses or dividends, depending on the fund’s performance. These funds are a blend of insurance protection and investment, providing both security and potential for increased returns, making them attractive for individuals looking for a product that contributes to both their savings and protection needs.

Which insurer has the best participating fund in Singapore?

According to Dollar Bureau’s analysis of Singapore’s participating funds from various insurers, Manulife is the top performer based on geometric mean returns over different time frames, with NTUC Income, and AIA also ranking highly. This performance evaluation considers both short and long-term returns, offering a comprehensive view of how these funds have navigated market conditions. It’s crucial for potential policyholders to focus on guaranteed returns when choosing a plan, as non-guaranteed returns can vary significantly. 

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